Do Not Thump the Book of G'Quan

Adventure Time style G’Kar


Adventure Time style G’Kar



G’Kar seriously looks like a teasing spouse

 It’s from Soul Mates! :)


5x16 - And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

Are you Ambasador G’Kar?

6. G'kar from Babylon 5?



This request pleases me. Done! Albeit messily.

This guy has so many outfits and the colours are everywhere, so I just winged it a little. I love this character in the later seasons even more, but he is his most refined and independent self in the first. And spoiler-less, too.


Citizen G’Kar: Port of Call Babylon 5

Here we have the intro for the fresh, newly announced, CW exclusive show set in the Babylon 5 universe.

Citizen G’Kar is a made up show, made up to bring new life to the franchise, and to reinvigorate the CW’s Friday night scheduling block. This reimagining of Babylon 5, presents the show in a different light, asking the question, what would have happened if G’Kar had never been a member of the Ka’Rhi, and instead, a private detective trying to clean up the mean streets of Babylon 5.

In an exclusive interview you’ve probably never seen before, JMS explained this radical shift in the franchise “We really wanted to do something new, for the fans, to say thanks for their support. We’ve weighed our options and decided that a Private Detective show is really the way to go”.

JMS allegedly conceived the new show whilst working on his upcoming Netflix collaboration with the Wachowskis. “It was Andy’s idea, taking what Babylon 5 did for genre fiction, and turning it around for the Detective Spin-Off.”

Much like the original series, Citizen G’Kar seeks to take the tropes of it’s genre and turn them on their heads. “We start out, like any show of it’s ilk, Baywatch Nights, Love and Curses, Forever Knight, you know all the classic Genre Detective shows.” However as the show goes on, G’Kar becomes involved in a bigger conspiracy, and has to rely on those closest to him even though they might be working against him. “I’ll throw a ton of Greek Myth and Lord of the Rings stuff in there too, nerds go crazy for that crap”

Citizen G’Kar will not be airing this fall.



"The Coming of Shadows," S2E9. A huge Mollari episode and a sharp acceleration in the Main Plot, as Mollari continues down the road…

Also a huge G’Kar episode. When G’Kar has even a glimpse of true change in the Centauri, a chance that the Narn could coexist with their former oppressors, 24 hours later they’re down the path of a war that ends with the attempted genocide of the Narn.

And it utterly breaks him.

This episode breaks both Londo and G’Kar in different ways for different reasons and it breaks me every time for ALL OF THEM.